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    Joseph R. Carvalko is the author of Death By Internet, a Novel (Sunbury Press, 2016);We Were Beautiful Once, Chapters from the Cold War, a Novel (Sunbury Press, 2013), finalist Best Historical Fiction, Military Writers Society of America, 2014; Behind the Steel, poetry (Amphora Lit. Press, 2015); The Techno-Human Shell: A Jump in the Evolutionary Gap (Sunbury Press, 2013); A Road Once Traveled, Life from All Sides, memoir, 2007); A Deadly Fog, book of poems and essays and poems (2004); Detras del Acero (Editorial Trance, 2015, original Spanish poetry, 97pp.);  co-authored (Cara Morris) The Science and Technology Guidebook for Lawyers (ABA Pub., 2014, 398 pp). Poems: Mobius Strip, (FLARE: The Flagler Review and in Anomalie Magazine, RE: mind, Goldsmiths University of London, 2015); County Road 80, Manifest West (U. Press of CO, fall 2014); Registered Letter, Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Vol. 2 (MS Hum. Council, and SE MS State University Press, 2013); The Road Home, finalist, (Esurance Poetry prize, 2012); The Interior, book of poetry, finalist (Red Mountain Press, 2012). Short stories: Crossing the Evolutionary Gap (IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 2016); Winter Interrupted, All Gave Some (Military Writers Society of America, Anthology, 2014); Road to Suwon (Military Experience and the Arts, 2014); Reminders of the Next Round, (Storytellers, 2013), The Music Lesson, (Headspace, 2015).

    Carvalko is also a lawyer and engineer who devotes his attention to and writes about the intersection of law and technology. As a researcher and engineer, he had worked in radar, optics, A.I. (pattern recognition), biomedical devices and communications. He holds 12 patents (1978-2014, some jointly) in electronics, biomedical, and computers. Currently he is an adjunct professor of Law, Science and Technology at Quinnipiac University School of Law; a member of the IEEE, Soc. on Social Implications of Tech.,Assistant Editor, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine; member of the ABA, Sec. of Science and Technology Law, and former ed. board member of SciTech Lawyer and former chair of the Behavioral Sciences Committee. He is also a member of the Yale Community Bioethics Forum of the Program on Biomedical Ethics at Yale School of Medicine; a member of the Yale Technology and Ethics working research group. He has authored numerous papers and articles, such as: Law and Policy in an Era of Cyborg-Assisted-Life (IEEE, Tech & Soc.); Introduction to an Ontology of Intellectual Property (ABA SciTech); Intellectual Property Issues in the Financial & Banking Industries (PA Bar Assn); Who Should Own In-The-Body Medical Data in the Age of Electronic Medicine? (IEEE, Soc. & Tech Mag.); Patents Pave Way for Strategies in IP Intensive Environments (Cisco World); An Alternative for Distillate Fuel Filtration, (Diesel & Gas Worldwide). Co-author: On Determining Optimum Simple Golay Marking Transforms for Binary Image Processing, (IEEE Trans. on Computers) and Evaluation of a High Resolution Television Microscope, (Proc. of the IEEE). He authored, Basic Copyright chapter: Now What? The Creative Writer’s Guide to Success after the MFA (Fairfield U. Press); New Medical Technologies-the Emergence of Pharmaco-Electronics chapter: Biotechnology and the Law (ABA Pub., 2015). Co-authored article, Crowdsourcing Biological Specimen Identification, Consumer Technology Applied to Health Care Access, (IEEE Consumer Electronics, (2015); Self Absorption, (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology, 2014).

    He is admitted to practice law in CT, NY, and before the U.S. Pat. & TM Office.

    He holds a JD, Quinnipiac University School of Law, BS in Electrical Engineering, Fairfield University, and a MFA (Writing) from Fairfield University.

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