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  • NEW NOVEL COMING-DEATH BY INTERNET-The Line Between Sacrifice and Suicide


    My new novel is less than 90 days from release. It is a suspense-filled political/social tale about technological nihilism, as narrated by a man strapped down in a prison cell, who tells us how he launched a website that connected him to a contraption that would reveal whether the world was compassionate or callous on the basis of the public’s responses to his blog. He invited subscribers ADVANCEDREVIEWCOPY3x2to read a his posts, but rather than click the familiar “Like” button as in Facebook, they would vote either “Live” or “Die.”  As a live Internet broadcast, the world watches, and  depending on the user’s choice, the protagonist inhales through a valve, minuscule doses of either cyanide or its antidote. According to his macabre plan, over time he would either succumb or survive, if, as judged by his sense of morality, the world were cruel or merciful.

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