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  • A Deadly Fog: Pith and Conflict


    A Deadly Fog portrays war in its various manifestations, historically and as we witness war around the world, today such as in Iraq. Through stories, essays, poems and importantly art, it draws the reader through the voice of the poet and the eye of the artist in a relentless expression of how war brings whole societies to their knees, killing, maiming and displacing thousands of people, both civilian and combatant. Based partly on firsthand experience and oft-heard narratives, the Carvalko has endeavored to describe human emotion at the deepest levels of loss and longing. The work has been thoughtfully written so that although the subject is disturbing, the treatment is neither gruesome nor in poor taste. A Deadly Fog combines surrealism, realism, satire and irony set into a backdrop of unimaginable sacrifice, cruelty, and hubris, not as a paean to honor war, but to argue against its glorification. Its authors inspire others to raise their voices in protest against war as solution to problems in integration, poverty (starvation, sickness), natural resources (water, oil and land) and political ideology. It’s a good read.

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