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  • A Road Once Traveled


    A hard but intimate look into the life of one man and his travels across an epoch of experience, place and time. It speaks to the universal experience of wanting to discover an inner-self. In a deeply personal introspection, Carvalko concludes that life forms around a heritage having outlooks, strengths and weaknesses that antedate birth. Once born we immediately begin to modify the heritage passed down creating lifelong attitudes through which we assess right, wrong, the good and the bad. We come to learn about what makes us happy, sad, frightened and motivated and this too has a lasting affect on the inner-self. We become aware of how we fit into the scheme of things by answering questions and answers, which come quickly in some instances and others that escape us until late in life; and some come with great pain, while others come with great sacrifice. And, lastly other answers never come lost in a self-imposed blindness or in a world of incomprehensible complexity and absurdity.

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