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    Behind the Steel, a book of poetry, takes the reader through a century filled with the experiences of people who toiled in the inner cities, on vast prairies, and who came to know the zones of war, and other conflicts, and offers a perspective that will resonate with anyone who thinks hard about where we came from and for what purpose.

    Carvalko’s work deals with death, loses of the heart, and old age, when the past stands still and time quickens, when the echoes of the past ricochet and scatter into pure energy.  He casts a sharp eye into a search for meaning through action, but discovers that only in solitude does he find answers, albeit conditional, bowing to the forces beyond his sensibilities, to the limits of a self-imposed blindness, to the incomprehensibly complicated and absurd events that occur in our midst, yet exceed the human capacity for reason, moral belief and even suffering. For more see, http://anaphoraliterary.com/catalogue/poetry/joe-carvalko/

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