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    What the hell did the Patriots fight for anyway? To end up flushing social justice down the toilet? Every day 14 million kids, representing 19% nationwide, go to bed, and school, hungry; health insurers estimated $25 billion in profits, up 30 percent from 2016, while 35 million remain uninsured; 2.2. million incarcerated, many in for-profit prisons working for 20 cents an hour; children ripped from asylum seekers protected under international law, and put into prison as young as 1 year old; a fascist leaning leader who debases the presidency, enriching himself, and fawning over Russian and N. Korean leaders, while bashing the allies, whose children died for our values in Iraq and Afghanistan. I haven’t felt this negative since the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War (though Bush wars were no high point in history). Yea, I was there in the 60s. Somehow, I had more hope, then. It’s hard to see where we’re headed when so many of us fear being overrun by immigrants (although 20 million Europeans came here from 1880-1920), where their panic overwhelms their compassion, where they’re led by a reality TV star whose rhetoric castes a spell that shuts their eyes to the plain fact that politicians have perverted the American dream by allowing those at the top (president included) to enrich themselves at the expense of the great majority, and by allowing this nation of ours to become the world leader in wealth disparity. Where do we go from here? Happy 4th.

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