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    Happy Easter to my Christian friends, happy Pesach to my Jewish friends.  Since Trump is a non-sectarian blight upon the country, I’d like to say a few words that men and women of all faiths might think about. Let me tell you a little about why I feel empowered to say what I am about to. First, I’ve practiced law 40 years, and know something about it. I know what the law is on Obstruction of Justice. I know what the law is on crimes of Attempt, Solicitation and Conspiracy—I spent years defending clients accused of crimes, years traveling to all corners of the world, dodging people who would break the law if it proved a fast way to a quick buck. I’ve sued the president of the US for the dastardly decision to leave POW-GIs behind at the end of a grizzly war. I spent a long stint representing convicts along with my  co-counsel, the ex-Chief Counsel to the U.S. House Judiciary committee that moved to impeach Nixon. Through this lens I now look at Trump. Here’s a man who to my old eyes looks no less guilty than those guys I’d  represented that were caught up in white collar crimes. There were others caught up in violence as well. So, yea, I know something about the personality types, characters actually. Not any of them anything like those of you that are reading this. I think you are all decent people. But, we now have one of these characters in the White House. And, some of you very decent people think that is just fine.  For those who look at the Mueller list of obstruction below, maybe that won’t convince you he is culpable, rationalizing that it’s just political chicanery. But, if during these holy days you feel comfortable with a man occupying the house of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, then fine. I suppose we are further apart in our moral beliefs than I thought.  For me, who has never believed in the Boy Scout’s code of ethics for politicians or business people, meaning that I give my fellow citizen, and myself,  wide-berth on how we run our lives—I cannot imagine that the people befriended here would actually think that caging babies is OK (I know they do because I’m a Legislative Coordinator for Amnesty International). I cannot imagine that any of those I befriend here would think it moral to separate children from their mothers, cavort with prostitutes, avoid the draft, play kissy face with Putin, a man who runs the remnants of the Soviet Union, the same Soviets that my bomb wing ran thousands of missions against, keeping them in check, where men I served with died during the years I was in the Air Force. I hear from those that support Trump, that they do so because he is delivering on judges that don’t support Roe v. Wade, or that he has somehow shook up Washington. I was on Capitol Hill this past January and the only thing I saw that he managed to do was shut down the government, so working stiffs (not millionaires) went without over the holidays. What business was not being taken care of was the War in Yemen where babies are starving to death, no gun control so that there has been no abatement of the killing of our children.  If you want a list of how he obstructed justice here is a brief list.

    1.The Comey  “Loyalty” Dinner, 2. Asking Comey to Drop the Flynn Probe, 3. Firing Preet Bharara, 4. Asking the Director of National Intelligence to Pressure Comey,5.Asking Intelligence Officials to Push Back Against the FBI’s Collusion Probe,6,Asking Comey to “Lift the Cloud” of the Russia Investigation, 7.Attacking Comey on the Eve of His Senate Testimony,8.Attacking Sally Yates on the Eve of Her Senate Testimony,9.Firing Comey,10.Concocting a Cover Story for Comey’s Firing,11.Telling Russian Officials Comey’s Firing Was About the Russia Probe,12.Admitting Comey’s Firing Was About the Russia Probe on National TV.13. Threatening to Release Tapes of His Talks with Comey,14.Publicly Threatening Mueller, shortly after Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel on May 17.15. Attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions for Recusing Himself, 16.Drafting a Misleading Statement About Don Jr.’s Russia Meeting,17.Pressuring Multiple Senators to End Their Russia Probe,18.Tweeting That He Knew Flynn Lied to the FBI.

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