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  • Storms and Self-Evident Truths


    Every day, Americans struggle against one or both natural and man-made disasters. President Trump personifies not one, but both–, natural in the pathological sense, because his behavior, presumably outside his control, defies normality, and in the man-made sense, because he chooses bigotry, offensive sexual behavior, and ignorance, as a way of life. If he chooses ignorance, it’s his prerogative. Choosing to accost women is not, it’s actionable. The “Me Too” movement may finally put a stop to what the law has long overlooked. Trump’s racist remarks during this past week’s belittling of Haitians, Africans, and Central Americans, and questioning why the U.S. doesn’t admit more Norwegians, can’t be overlooked. I could say I’m flabbergasted that millions of people follow and support this narrow-minded president of ours, but I’m not. For my entire life, living in the south, west and particularly the northeast, I’ve worked and lived among hundreds who don’t agree with my attitudes on race. I’ve broken bread with them. Diehards related by blood, marriage, and deep friendships. These folks know exactly what poison Trump urinates into the electric cloud. Yet, those of us who oppose this bad rain upon the realm can’t stand silently by or merely animate their outrage by shouting at the T.V. Decent people must act within their powers to keep this storm at bay by insisting their elected representatives zealously push humane immigration legislation, while calling out a president, who outwardly expresses bigotry. Those who don’t voice should vote. Primitive ideas about race, ethnicity and immigration can’t stand in the 21st Century, in a 250 year old country, which though founded in the fog of slavery, nonetheless shone a beacon toward that reachable perfect, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (humanity) are created equal.”

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