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    At times the future seemed long in coming, but looking back life passed so fast. If you didn’t grab hold, you missed it. I can’t count the times you passed through my mind—What would Bobby think? Mostly when I looked at nature. Maybe because nature embodied freedom, and freedom embodied you.  I regret not going all in, but looking back I tried to stay upright, maintain some kind of balance or perhaps peace. Or because it terrified me to let go. In any case, it makes no sense to think about “what ifs,” if for no other reason than because it takes away from looking ahead.  I do have another regret—not spending more time with those that turned a day into a holiday. I know I’m babbling, while you’re out there somewhere writing Shakespeare. I promise to stay far enough away, but not so far I can’t watch from my distant perch. Maybe I’ll return as a bird, maybe I’ll intrude your space. Maybe I’ll fall asleep thinking that there will never be another you.

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