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  • Too many experts fail to note population as our root problem


    Don Collins has an excellent article on a fundamental world problem, one which inevitably leads to the kinds of pandemic we are in the throes of. See, Collins’ article by clicking on the link below. Habitat loss is yet another effect of overpopulation. As noted by IPBES Global Assessment: “Human actions have already driven at least 680 vertebrate species to extinction since 1500…. Habitat loss and deterioration, largely caused by human actions, have reduced global terrestrial habitat integrity by 30 per cent relative to an unimpacted baseline; combining that with the longstanding relationship between habitat area and species numbers suggests that around 9 per cent of the world’s estimated 5.9 million terrestrial species – more than 500,000 species – have insufficient habitat for long-term survival, are committed to extinction, many within decades, unless their habitats are restored.” See, IPBES Global Assessment Summary for Policymakers, May 6, 2019. https://www.ipbes.net/news/ipbes-global-assessment-summary-policymakers-pdf.




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